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When this ticket is purchased it is subject to the following conditions from the Promoter, these conditions apply to that purchaser both as conditions of sale and as conditions of admission to the event; otherwise the following conditions apply as conditions of admission to the event:

1. All conditions shown on this ticket are to be read together with all other statements or directives either shown on this ticket or displayed on the premises.

2. This ticket may not be resold on account of it being exceptional value for money in the first place.

3. If the event is cancelled by the Promoter for any reason, only the face value of the ticket will be refunded. If Promoter deems it necessary to abandon the event due to the forces of nature or any other reason, refund of the face value of the ticket is at the discretion of the Promoter.

4. Keep your tickets in a safe place, tickets will not be replaced nor money refunded after purchase.

5. The Promoter reserves the right to change the lineup and/or the date of the event without prior notification. In the event of change of the date or lineup, refunds will not be available.

6. We play rain or shine.

7. Apollo Bay Music Festival is an all ages event. Two Children 15 years and under are free if accompanied by a parent or guardian per weekend pass. All patrons entering the site must have a valid ticket. Children 15 and under will receive wristbands on entry. 16-17 year olds who purchase Youth tickets must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian on initial entry to receive their wristband. Once banded 16-17 year olds will have access to all festival venues.

8. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse a ticketholder admission to the event or to evict that person from the event.

9. Entry is at own risk.

10. The Ticket purchaser/holder indemnifies the organisers and Promoters of the Apollo Bay Music Festival event against any claim for personal injury and property damage arising from the negligence by the organisers and Promoter of the event.

11. Small Personal Cameras and phones that can also record video are permitted. Cameras with zoom and telephoto lenses are not permitted without express permission of organisers prior to the event. Video Cameras are not permitted. Any public or commercial broadcast of content obtained at Apollo Bay Music Festival for must have the express permission of the Promoters. Professional Photographers and Film-makers must have written permission from the Promoters prior to the event.

12. BYO Alcohol is not permitted in any of the Venues. Smoking is permitted in outdoor areas only, away from children. You are responsible for disposing of all your own rubbish including cigarette butts into the receptacles provided. The Coastal environment is a sensitive one and we ask for your respect and help in maintaining it. Food can be brought into the main precinct only. Weapons, lasers, fireworks, illicit drugs are prohibited items and will not be permitted in to the Venue. All bags/containers are subject to a full search at entry to ensure the safety of patrons. Prohibited items that are confiscated will not be returned. Photo ID must be carried at all times.

13. Ticket holders consent to filming and sound recording as members of the audience.

14. Wristbands must be worn for the duration of the festival to allow entry and exit to festival venues. There is a zero tolerance on people trying to enter the event without a valid ticket and the police will be informed. Those aiding people trying to get in for free will also be reported to police.

15. Patrons who wish to consume alcohol must have photographic identification. Anyone found to be supplying or buying alcohol for a minor will be evicted from the Venue and will possibly face criminal charges.

16. In the case of an emergency evacuation or situation, you must follow all official directives.

17. If you feel at any time yours, or anyone else’s health or safety is threatened, you should contact the nearest Staff member or Volunteer or visit the information tent (signposted and shown on your program). First Aiders will be available on site.

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Early Albatross, Summer Seal, and Casual Cray tickets are full weekend passes which allow you entry to all venues. Two Children 15 and under are free per ticket holding parent/guardian.

Day tickets will be available in Late Jan/Early Feb only if weekend passes haven’t sold out. The weekend passes are generally your cheapest option if you planning on staying overnight at all.

Session passes will not be available as we fully expect weekend/day passes to sell out and we like everyone to have a bit of space.

Youth passes 16-17 year olds can access a full weekend pass for just $40! Initial entry must be with an appropriate parent or guardian and then once wristbanded you can enter and exit venues independently.

Camping Packages Camp at the Festival for just $10 for the weekend with the following packages. With each Adult pass two children 15 and under camp free. 16-17 year olds can camp but must be with an appropriate adult parent or guardian.

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Q. Artist Applications – Closed – Reopen June 2014

Apps are now open to performers of all styles and persuasions - We receive a ridiculous amount of applications for a limited program so unfortunately we can’t host you all. Preference is given to independent Artists and Performers that have a unique show. Our audience is made up of music lovers of all ages so we don’t bill in order of perceived largeness of stature.

You must have public liability insurance to perform at the Apollo Bay Music Festival.

Please don’t spam all our email addresses and please don’t keep asking if we’ve made a decision. We know it is a frustrating process but there is no other way. Please do feel free to keep us updated on your travels, new album releases, collaborations etc via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Selections are made by us after taking recommendations from our network of people who listen to your work and come to your shows. This may include our audience who keep us posted via facebook so spread the love…

Q. Stallholders

It is suggested you do your research before applying as preference will be given to stallholders and craftspeople offering something unique. The selection committee love handcrafted and clever products so feel free to tell us about what you do and why. Further guidelines can be found on the application page here.

Q. Food Applications

We have very limited places and lots of applications so please read and re-read our guidelines to make sure you qualify before contacting us. Further information and application can be found here.

Q. General

Can I bring my dog? - You can bring your dog to the bay if your accommodation allows that but not in to the festival precinct or leave them outside. Loud music can affect dogs differently so even if they are the most dough-eyed cutsie wootsie companion, they are best left at home while you enjoy yourself.

I don’t feel well on Sunday morning. Can I get a refund? – The short answer is no. Drink lots of water, try lots of food, and generally look after yourself and Sunday will be yours to enjoy.

I’ve lost stuff? – Check with the front desk. Our patrons are awesome and most things lost in the precinct or venues are returned. Of course this process is facilitated by the good will of all of us handing in things that look lost.

Can I take photos at the festival? – This is one of the most sensitive issues at most festivals. We don’t mind small phone cameras and iBrains being used with consideration of others in mind. Don’t forget you have real eyes to watch performances with in real time, in full colour. Big professional looking SLR cameras with big lenses are not permitted without express permission of the Festival Management. We have a proper accredited crew to do this. We know you like to take photos of the fun at festivals but unfortunately not everyone feels the same way about being photographed. Please respect this and don’t try and talk your way in at the gate.