Applications for the 2014 Festival have CLOSED

The following form is for expressions of interest only. Upon acceptance you will be required to enter into an agreement outlining the conditions and guidelines you must operate under. Please read the conditions below before applying.

Preference is given to providers that can source fresh local produce and value add, or have used fresh product to create their dishes.

Operating Hours:
Friday, February 28: 6pm – 1am
Saturday, March 1: 9am – 1am
Sunday, March 2: 9am – 7pm


You must comply with all conditions stipulated by our Local Council. Please read all guidelines here before applying.
- You must hold current Public Liability insurance.
- Your product must not duplicate what is already on offer in town without the express permission of the committee. For example there are four fish and chip shops in town, so seafood has very little chance of getting the green light unless you source locally.
- Franchises, packaged confection, and other generally unhealthy, thoughtless food will not get through.
- Your premises must be colourful and festive, be well presented, look clean, and remain clean for the duration. If you think grunge is cool when it comes to food, be assured we don’t.
- After applying please don’t follow up relentlessly. We will contact you and all applications will be read except for the ones that don’t comply with the above conditions.

All information on this form will remain confidential.

Good luck!

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